The Education Committee

                               Peter Brown - Ciara Tucker - Shandre Henderson


Purpose of the Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for building the power of the movement through educating and training members of their local union. Members of this committee identify the training needs of their local union membership and, with their Shop Chairman's approval, provide classes, materials, and information based on those needs. If you are committed to providing education that informs, develops skills and motivates our leadership and members, this is the committee for you!
Once someone has completed Education Committee training, they have access to a variety of “on the shelf” curriculum, provided by the International Education Department, that can be delivered to members by the Education Committee. Some examples include:

  1. New Member Orientation
  2. Grievance Handling
  3. Leadership In Action
  4. Union Involvement
  5. Planning                                         
Labor History

"Remembering the Past"
"RestorIng our Future"