History in the making

On September 22nd 2023, Willow Run CCA went out on strike to create a better middle class foundation. This moment in our UAW journey, allowed the members of the CCA division to establish better wages and benefits that will be comparable to other UAW assembly workers. For many years the CCA division has been passed up on many opportutunites to have a decent standard of living and now this was our year to right side our request. With the dedication of UAW workers standing in the cold and windy conditions both day and night over a heated barrel, showed their resilence until they were given orders to return to work by the UAW International Union on October 31, 2023. Also, this was a moment where our United States President Joe Biden came to visit our members in show of support to receive a better contract. He was the first United States President to ever join the picket line with UAW workers.